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Did you ever have the problem of not knowing your total travel-time because airlines only print the departure and arrival-times on your ticket? Or have you ever wanted to book a hotel or call a friend in your destination city, but just weren't sure when to make the call? And how can you avoid suffering from the famous jet-lag?

JourneyCalculator can be used for free to calculate differences between timezones and to display useful information for your travels. You can export and save your travel-times in your iCalendar-compatible application (e.g. Google Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird Lightning, Microsoft Outlook, etc.) JourneyCalculator is a spin-off from TimeZoneCalculator, which is one of my other projects.

Please note, that all search queries will be automatically deleted after 30 days. In case you want to save your queries, you can create an account for free. Further benefits are the access to your personal timezone calculator and customizeable date/time output. You can also customize the selected timezones with home-timezone support.

If you encounter any bugs or you want to contribute a translation of JourneyCalculator, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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  • Mr. Jürgen Zahrl for useful hints and discussions

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